Amy Schumer shares the video about zwangerschapsochtendmisselijkheid

c10743959338637a4f2c764de9a3cb1c - Amy Schumer shares the video about zwangerschapsochtendmisselijkheid

Schumer was in november admitted to the hospital because of complications with her pregnancy. It appeared that the heavy nausea.

Amy Schumer was last month admitted to the hospital for hyperemesis gravidarum, or intense morning sickness caused by pregnancy.

Amy posted a video on Instagram in which she vomits.

“Hello, I thought it might be fun would be to see me vomit in a public toilet.”

“Turn off sound if you have a weak stomach,” wrote the mother-to-be on Instagram. “This was my ride to my show on @tarrytownmusichall tonight and a picture of the end of my set.

Amy revealed that she sweatpants and slippers wore for the gig, in an attempt to be more comfortable.

“I love doing stand-up more than anything and I hate canceling shows. I need to postpone until I feel human again to feel.”

Amy Schumer and her husband Chris made at the end of October known as a first child to expect. Amy and Chris were married last February, a few months after they were proposed by the assistant, Amy, who is the sister of Chris.

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