Also Chile sign pact ’Marrakesh’ not

3582cab53c4204259e55d5fd705b1f18 - Also Chile sign pact ’Marrakesh’ not

Santiago – The Chilean government has a day for signs of the UN-migratiepact in Morocco decided to agree not to sign. “Our position is clear. Migration is not a right”, says the minister of Home Affairs against a local newspaper. “Countries are allowed to decide for themselves on what conditions they permit people.”

Minister Rodrigo Ubilla.

The opposition in Chile is angry about the decision, because it is behind closed doors is taken. Human rights organization Amnesty International has raised concerns, because Chile is one of the major drivers of the pact was, according to the organization. “The land in this way, steps back”, says a director of Amnesty international Chile.

Several countries, including the USA, Hungary and Austria, have decided to make the pact not to sign. In Belgium fell Saturday night, the cabinet on the matter. The netherlands signs the pact.

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