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Alonso: “Stoffel Vandoorne is one of the biggest talents”

50d776d2f2646f07ab3056bb448926aa - Alonso: "Stoffel Vandoorne is one of the biggest talents"

Former team-mate Fernando Alonso will find it particularly unfortunate that our fellow countryman Stoffel Vandoorne next year no racezitje in the Formula 1.

Alonso and Vandoorne were this year for the second season in a row team-mates at McLaren. The Spaniard likened his performance this year on several occasions with that of Vandoorne and even though there seemed to be a big difference in performance, Alonso showed earlier this year, means that no team-mate to him as closely approached as Vandoorne.

Even now, after the end of the F1 season said Alonso at the FIA gala in Saint-Petersburg full of praise for Vandoorne. The Spaniard will find it particularly unfortunate that Vandoorne next year not on the starting grid of the Formula 1, this is in contrast to Charles Leclerc, who switched to Ferrari.

“He is one of the biggest talents,” said Alonso. “There are only two drivers in the Formula 2 dominated: Charles Leclerc and Stoffel.”

“They share together all the records: poleposities, victories, … one will be next year in Formula 1 for the world title fight … the other is next year, not in Formula 1.”

Alonso thinks it’s very strange that Vandoorne next season no racezitje in Formula 1 but have to go racing in Formula E, the electric counterpart of the Formula 1.

“So is the Formula 1 at the moment, however in each other, as is the sport now. You have the best possible time in the best possible place and Stoffel had bad luck with the time.”

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