Aggressive boar injures toddler and elderly

8ba4c49605e80e8afb85056845109226 - Aggressive boar injures toddler and elderly

SACHSENHEIM – A toddler and an elderly man at the train station of the place Sachsenheim in the German state of Baden-Württemberg by an aggressive wild boar injured.

A wild boar attacked an elderly man and injured a young child. Photo for illustration.

Even before the attack was a woman for the aggressive animal to a bus ingevlucht. She had the police called. The beast fell, then a 74-year-old man, who was seriously wounded to the hospital had to be brought. Apparently become scared of the siren of the police rammed the animal with a patio door while on the road. By flying glass fragments hit the 18-month-old child injured.

In the search for the animal was a helicopter deployed. After the beast in a neighboring forest on species encountered, was the trail lost.

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