Transgender boxer wins first profpartij as a man

a271ebd618e9da6ca799ea2ed6cad456 - Transgender boxer wins first profpartij as a man

Indio (California) – Patricio ’Cacahuate’ Manuel won Saturday are debuutpartij as profbokser in the supervedergewicht of the Mexican Hugo Aguilar. So far nothing special, but Patricio did in 2012 participated in the trials for the U.s. olympic boksploeg. In the women’s. As Patricia.

Patricia (l.) it was two years ago, Patricio (r.)

Although Manuel (33) rather less attention would have seen for the fact that he formerly was a woman – and he delivered a solid match boxing – escaped, he wouldn’t. “A historic moment”, shout a variety of American media, which is the life story of the boxer comprehensively explain.

The same story brought boxing promoter Eric Gomez, compelled Manuel to give a chance. “But it was not a freakshow.” Manuel delivered – as a man – a few amateurpartijen, which he has Gomez convinced that a professional debut is not an impossibility had to be. “He got this chance because of his abilities, not because of his history.”

Facebookpost from 2012 about – as yet – Patricia Manuel

The transformation of Manuel started right after the failed kwalificatiecampagne for 2012, where a shoulder injury success got in the way. Hormone therapy in 2014 and a drastic operation in 2016 followed. For Manuel marks his professional debut, not the end of a journey. “Of course not, I am now a boxer, with one win to his name. I want a second.”

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