Teacher cuts lok of the pupil and is dismissed

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CALIFORNIA – A teacher from the American state of California is fired after the hair of a student snapped while the national anthem sang. Images of the acts of the natuurkundelerares were quickly shared through social media.

The teacher waves her scissors after the first victim has addressed

The 52-year-old Margaret Gieszinger lost her job at the University Preparotory High School in Visalia after her ’procedure’ online attention.

In the video on Reddit was posted, is to see how the teacher and a male student to forward calls. They cut then a piece of his hair off while she is of the wrong version of Star Spangled Banner sings. That’s not all: while the woman with the scissors above the head calls them ’next’. Then walk to the teacher threatening a female student.

A lawyer for the students says his client ’absolutely terrified’.

The teacher pleaded “not guilty” to the six offences for which she was charged. The woman came, according to the BBC, out on bail, free after $ 100,000 paid. According to the public prosecutor the teacher in person has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison, among other things because of child abuse.

In a statement let the school know ” the safety of students in the class very seriously’.

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