Schöne: ’Get anywhere the grass’

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Lasse Schöne plays in, Mike van Duinen is watching.

With a 0-2 lead made the Dane briefly for a rest is an own goal that the home team back in the match helped. The substitute goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou tapped a header from Zian Flemming against the underside of the crossbar, after which the ball over the head of Schöne in it just disappeared.

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“Oh, it is a own goal from me?”, responded Schöne surprised compared to AT5. “Through the lat he came on the back of my mind, but he was there as well in gone. Whether I stood or not, a bit of bad luck so,” said the midfielder, who halfway through the second half off a corner kick from Dusan Tadic, the margin for Ajax again to the two and lifted by a touch to volleren.


Schöne laughed after his 1-3 broadly, but there was less to speak about the field where Ajax in Zwolle played. “We will be there but not…”, bite him on his tongue. “But what is that slécht say, it is bacon – and very slippery. They leave all of the artificial pitches everywhere, but remove nice can see everywhere.” Ajax was already for peace with Donny van de Beek and Andre Onana against two blessuregevallen, of which the severity is not yet clear.

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