Raoul Heertje deepened ” flat screen tv-characters’ t Schaep

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“I want to honor what Eli Asser’s ever thought of,” says Gentleman about the wildly popular series from the sixties about the lives of a group of regulars in a café in Amsterdam. “But it should be interesting to watch. There really should be some on the game.”

Therefore, he thought of a thing. “The characters are very suitable for a tv episode, not for a musical of almost two hours. They are too flat. Doortje and Toe are in the series a lot of fun. But on stage, you need more to do than just to each other never falter”, explains Gentleman.


The first series of ’t Schaep in 1969 broadcast and attracted an average of six million viewers. In 2006, a remake, followed by four series, with Loes Luca, Pierre Bokma and Georgina Verbaan. From april ’t Schaep with 5 Ports on the scene.

Timeless characters explain Raoul the success of ’t Schaep. “They are fifty years ago and still exist. And about 50 years. As a viewer, you can love them or hate them. But you want to know what happens to them. They go together well afzeiken? They love still each other? That is timeless and for many people quite recognizable.”

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