Radio 5 are looking for best Dutch-language christmas song

0fe13afadd12d6bb5e1f205c992542e2 - Radio 5 are looking for best Dutch-language christmas song

“The English classics we all know,” says presenter Hijlco Span. “White Christmas, Jingle Bells, All I want For Christmas – but also in our own language, there are original songs made. That deserve more attention.” On the site are sixty patriotic songs about christmas. Voters can make their five preferences.

The list is compiled in consultation with a music connoisseur Vic of the Reijt, a recent cd released with Dutch-language songs. In the list of well-known songs, such as The Kerstezel of Harry car-coats, I am a bauble of Bert & Ernie, Flappie van Youp van ’t Hek, Bakske filled with straw from Urban or Lonely christmas, André Hazes.

But there are also songs in which a lot of some are better known or not to go with christmas are associated with, such as There was once a gardener in Amstelveen, the netherlands by Wim Sonneveld, Small Corner of Wim de Bie, Exultet of Drs P or Gradually from Carrie Tefsen and children for Children. Also regional kerstnummers a chance to win an entry, thanks to nominations for, among others, Daniel will never be recorded, and Herman Finkers, with Snow, Gé Reinders with Moder Mary, Rowwen Heze Christmas and Tröckener Kecks. The youngest number in the list is the Christmas holidays of Guillermo & Tropical Danny.

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