‘Provence’ wins four kortfilmprijzen in Leuven, Willeke van Ammelrooy was awarded

c9762660666eb8368f37f9c00c8d9e7f - 'Provence' wins four kortfilmprijzen in Leuven, Willeke van Ammelrooy was awarded

‘Provence’ is of Kato De Boeck during the closing evening of the 24th short film Festival Leuven the jury prize for best debut and the press prize in the wait dragged. Laime The Paep, the young actress from the short film, received a special mention for her acting performances. Along with the Humo Award earlier this week was the short film four times in the prizes. The festival received this week and 7,500 visitors over the floor.

Eye-catcher during the closing day was the present Dutch actress Willeke Van Ammelrooy, who for her role in the film ‘In the palace’ of Nelson Polfliet the award for best acting performance was given. The jury praised the way in which Van Ammelrooy both decades of film experience as fresh originality to add to the film. It was the first short film in which she played a role since several of such films in the beginning of her career, around 1970, turned.
In the European competition-winning the internationaly jury ‘A worthy man’ of the Dane Kristian Haskjold, a film about a man alone at night in a bakery to work with the radio in the background as any company. The jury praised the film because that is perfectly poised between tragedy and comedy without the integrity of the main character to lose sight of. The audience award was for the Belgian film ‘Vihta’ by François Bierry.
In the Flemish competition award-winning jury ‘Pathos’, the debut of the Ghent-based theatre director Yahya Terryn, about two friends who meet during a piano concerto of Beethoven with the one the other tells that his family has left for the pianist. ‘Our song to war’ of Juanita Onzage was named the best Flemish documentary. In the Flemish animatiecompetitie the prize of the audience to ‘Indulge’ Elise Eetesonne.
‘A worthy man’ of Kristian Haskjold and ‘Pathos’ of Yahya Terryn come by this juryprijzen automatically on the long list for the Oscars. They are, in other words ‘Academy Award qualifying’. ‘A worthy man’ is also nominated for the European Film Awards.
During the final evening informed the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) wildcards to graduates of Flemish film. The lauraten were Louisiana Mees ‘Waithood’ (fiction), Lisa Foster for ‘Back-and-plot’ (animation), Yu Zaide Bil for ‘Memre’ (documentary) and Meltse of Coilliet for ‘Elephantfhish’ (filmlab).

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