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New team-mate Max Verstappen: “I’m not afraid of him”

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Pierre Gasly, the new team-mate Max Verstappen, go with an open mind to the battle at Red Bull. He is not afraid to be a team member of a highly talented as Verstappen.

After only one year Toro Rosso driver to have been Pierre Gasly for the year 2019 promoted to the main force of Red Bull. The young Frenchman showed in 2018, some times beautiful performance recorded at Toro Rosso, but Red Bull will be his teammate on a different level than what turned out to be performing Brendon Hartley.

Although Gasly, he realizes that he still have a lot to learn and he leaves ‘Infosport+ ” do not be afraid for the talent that in 2019 on the other side of the garage will sit.

“I’m not afraid, it will take me to a place in the team,” said Gasly. “It is clear that Max has a strong personality, he is already well established in the team and he has more experience.”

“He has more experience with the team. He is who he is and it is up to me to find my place in the team. I’m not like Daniel, I am different. But I’m also not like Max, I have my own personality.”

Gasly has for the first time acquainted with his new team at the Pirelli test in Abu Dhabi. He let us know that he can hardly wait to start.

“I look forward to it, I can hardly wait until the season starts. For myself, it will clearly be a big step in my career mean but I am exactly where I want to be. My ambitions in F1 are very high, since I was a child it has been my dream ever to become a world champion.”

“This is just the beginning of my career, I have continued to make progress, myself, continue to develop and keep to gain experience.”

“Next year is my second season in F1 and I’ve already learned a lot but I have to be next season continue to improve their skills.”

Last season surprised Gasly friend and enemy with the new combination of Toro Rosso-Honda a fourth place to score during the GP of Bahrain. Next year he will get the chance to show his talent in a top team.

“It is an enormous challenge, they are four times became world champion with Sebastian Vettel. I’ll do my best to challenge myself to keep improving and then we’ll see what next year is possible.”

“But it brings me a step closer to my ultimate goal: to be world champion,” concludes the young Frenchman.

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