New single Youston: ‘Everything And More’

9f8b4b0a10470b46506cf126c6cb9331 - New single Youston: 'Everything And More'

It goes well with Youston! The musical alter ego of Kenny Philippaars debuted last year with the poppy ‘In My Arms’ and immediately set the tone: Youston state for A sleek, Dutch, and poppy repertoire that both young and old can relate to. His new single ‘Everything And More’ Wednesday, december 12, is released, there is again a good example of this! After ‘Stronger Than’ has Youston his time will be taken to the appropriate successor. “I didn’t want to take any chances,”cross the popular singer from the shore. “Together with my artistic team, I am looking for a song that totally fits in the line of the previous singles and, at the same time is innovative and yes… this takes some time,”he laughs.

‘Everything And More’ is not a kerstnummer but a swinging nederpopnummer with balls. “When my producer me the number showed to hear, I was immediately sold. It is a somewhat forgotten gem from 2012. David Vervoort polished the song completely and I lay down my pen for the text,”says Youston excited. The inspiration for “Everything And More” was Youston from his own life. “Everyone ever has been in love or is still. And in the name of love’ what we do for our beloved the craziest things. This is the number actually: all the things (and more) that we would do for our partner to please.”

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