’Majority of Britons want EU to remain a member’

36f1f63455881eb856549b471b378cf0 - ’Majority of Britons want EU to remain a member’

LONDON – Just before the vote in the British parliament about the brexitdeal is according to a opiniepeiler 52 percent of the population in favour of the country member of the EU. This reported Sunday the newspaper The Independent on the basis of own research.

The percentage of British respondents about whether or not to remain a member of the EU is, according to the opiniepeilers of BMG Research since the summer has increased. They were in the research this month the majority. The reason is probably that the termination of membership of the EU more complicated and economically more harmful than many previously thought.

In the referendum in 2016, the then Conservative prime minister David Cameron about EU membership let keep, voted 51,9 percent of the voters for the brexit, mainly voters in England and Wales.

According to the survey, the respondents were also not in favour of the agreements that prime minister Theresa May about the end of the membership with the EU has closed. Only 13 percent see the agreement sit.

On the question of what the parliament with the deal should do, answered 43 percent that it should reject. Only 26 percent said that the mps would need to vote, and 31 percent had no idea. The parliament Tuesday over May’s deal of votes. Newspaper reports that the vote is delayed, by members of the government objected to.

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