‘Macron should be soon purchasing power of repair’

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PARIS – The eight days almost invisible French president Emmanuel Macron speaks according to his staff Monday or Tuesday to the nation about the wave of protests and riots. That are of the since October, active protest movement of the ‘cardigans jaunes’ (Yellow Vests).

Many commentators propose Sunday in the media in regard to heavily damaged Macron the crisis only comes up, when he very quickly and very specifically the French people more purchasing power. The big question is with what money. According to the Journal du dimanche, the government should Macron now looking for a 12 to 15 billion euro’s extra.

Macrons policy of higher taxes in the name of combating climate change, mid-October via social media, a spontaneous mass protest movement initiated. The series of increases in the price of petrol and diesel unleashed a huge rage, especially in areas outside the largest cities.

Macron she was shocked, and withdrawn, but Saturday was already the fourth national protestdag still definitely 136.000 people on the streets brought. In public opinion polls continue to the Yellow Bibs popular in spite of the violence and destruction that protests and blockages are sometimes accompanied.

The scale of the violence fell Saturday in comparison to a week earlier about the general. But according to a Parisian deputy mayor, Emmanuel Grégoire, is the damage to property this weekend, much bigger. Many hundreds of people were Saturday morning already pre-checks as possible suspected rioters arrested. There are Saturday more than 1700 people were arrested, among whom more than a thousand in the capital.

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