Kirk Douglas celebrates 102nd birthday

9ee969f8ebfff62a852aaed914badb07 - Kirk Douglas celebrates 102nd birthday

“Congratulations on your 102nd birthday, dad. You are my hero and I love you”, writes Michael. His wife Catherine Zeta-Jones lets us know: “happy birthday to this fantastic man. We love you Kirk.”

The Spartacus actor is seen in his high age still very fit. He was recently present at the unveiling of the star of Michael on the Walk of Fame in Hollwood. And since Michael and Catherine live far away, he has delved in to FaceTime: “He goes all the way in which new techniques. In that respect, he is still in the life.” Is Kirk forgetful, as told recently in an interview. ,,He may occasionally forget what I had is called, but it seems to me logical that we see him that but to forgive.’

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