‘Iran test missiles that EU attacks’

1fd2af40f086d1caf6c5e6404eec7046 - ‘Iran test missiles that EU attacks’

Iran would be this year, considerably more rakettentests have carried out. It should missiles be deployed on which the European Union can achieve. That reports the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag on the basis of the documents of western intelligence agencies.

If the message is correct – it is unclear where the information exactly is coming from and if they are so reliable – would Tehran as possible, the UN resolution on the international atoomakkoord violate.

According to the information provided by different sources confirmed, Iran in 2018, certainly seven missiles fired. Also, there would be five times the short-range missiles and kruisvluchtwapens fired.

The atoomakkoord with Iran in 2015, concluded by the five vetomachten in the UN Security council and Germany. It made it for Iran’s possible nuclear to use, but it ensured, at the same time that Iran is no nuclear weapons would develop.

The USA, who are concerned about the growing influence of Iran in the Middle East, retreated in may of this year, back out of the deal. The US laid since then, gradually imposed sanctions on Iran. According to the US president, Donald Trump did Iran not comply with the agreement.

The other countries that the accord locks, decided to test it anyway to respect. The international atomic energy agency said in november that Iran abide by the agreement held.

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