Iran doubles number of rakettesten

26fbd5e076bfe1dc7513da99b101379e - Iran doubles number of rakettesten

BERLIN – The Iranian government has the number of rakettesten this year increased. It also rockets tested that the European Union can achieve. That is stated in the documents of western intelligence services that the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag has seen.

According to the intelligence, Iran has this year at least seven times medium-range ballistic missiles for testing purposes, fired. In addition, sent Iran five times a korteafstandsraket or cruise missile in the air. That is more than a doubling of the number of tests compared to last year. All these missiles have the technology to make weapons of mass destruction to transfer.

The newspaper reports that the tests may be in conflict with the agreement that Iran in 2015, which closed with the largest powers in the world. The United States pulled the deal earlier, because Iran, according to president Donald Trump did not comply with the agreement would hold.

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