Dylan Haegens watching art in Asterix-studio

8d7afc8f448a1be7e7a8367c72cad4e1 - Dylan Haegens watching art in Asterix-studio

The vlogger is “more and more professional.” “We have our own animated series for example, where we vote for have to say. That studio of us looks a bit less professional than here, for sure.”

Although the record of ’Asterix – The secret of the magic potion’ of a different color, Dylan agreements. “It is very nice to have this and to see how they do it here. Because then we can also apply this on YouTube, that is really cool.”

Box separately

The recording of a voice finds Dylan “fun to do.” “This is now the third time that I do it and it remains very very fun. And very instructive, because it is really a profession.”

Teleferix, the character with Dylan’s voice, is a young druid who is a throw to the job of Pegleg. The old mage, as the only one known potion could brew, is getting old and is looking for a successor. “He’s going to be a couple of young druids and I am one of them.”

Limburgs accent

After the success of his own film the YouTuber recording of a voice, “certainly not a step back.” “It was great to have a own movie, that is and remains something special. But it’s nice that you also have other projects and can participate in and understand a smaller roll can have.”

If the Dylan is located, is the Asterix and Obelix movie that is from Wednesday in the cinemas is not his last inspreekklus. However, there is an obstacle. “Of course I have a southern Dutch accent and that always works slightly less well in the stemmenwereld, shows. But if they ask me for a role, I would definitely do it again.”

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