’Dream,’ Jon van Eerd experience premiere

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In Charley played Jon is not only the title role, he also took the script and the song lyrics on their hands. “I’ve seen the musical in the thirties located, the time of glamour and glitz. Of the Charlestonmuziek. Of the escapism, in which people are appropriating on the eve of a world war,” said Jon earlier this week in The Observer. “A period in which musical and film flourished. And it is precisely that atmosphere of the West End and Broadway, I want to call.”

For the musicalbewerking of the iconic stage play Charley’s Aunt in 1892, of which Jon eighteen years ago, a stage adaptation on the shelves brought, pulled Jon “is really a concept of on Broadway and the West End” to: composer Michael Reed. “He has wonderful music written for this musical”, said Jon in RTL Late Night. “I am so proud of. The sparkle, the roof flies off. It is comical, people eat it. We are allowed all around the country with Charley, this is a dream.”

In the musical about a man who is forced to impersonate a woman in addition to Jon’s also, among others, Vera Mann, Anne-Mieke Ruyten and Hugo Haenen. “It is a wonderful show,” beamed Jon at table with Twan Huys. “We have such a fun team, a great company together. It really is a dream come true.”

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