Dog guarded month long house after natural fires

b20b62cb85e1a81ab38ea42379956650 - Dog guarded month long house after natural fires

Paradise – such As Madison, there are not a lot of. The half blood Anatolian shepherd guarded in the weeks after the terrible natural fires in Northern California, the ruins of the house of his master.

In such circumstances watched Madison for a month was the ruins of the home of owner Andrea Gaylord.

Madison became in the panic, separated from his brother Miguel and their owner Andrea Gaylord, but survived the inferno. When the natural fires on the 8th of november outbreaks in Paradise, beat Andrea Gaylord and many other residents of the city on the flight.

Shayla Sullivan, an employee of the society, took Madison to the ruins of the house and brought the suspicious animal to regularly eat and drink. The same Sullivan also found out that Madisons brother Miguel safely in a kennel 135 kilometers away was ended.

Last week came the long-awaited reunion, when Andrea Gaylord and Miguel finally got a look could take in what was left of their home remained. Gaylord says that they are no better dogs could wish for. “They are bred to guard the flock. This is the proof of their loyalty.”

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