Chantal Pattyn no longer cultuurmanager at VRT

4632fa1ef941f1ccf376adbe71a46291 - Chantal Pattyn no longer cultuurmanager at VRT

Klara presenter Chantal Pattyn is no longer cultuurmanager at the VRT. She wants to focus completely on Klara and her role as a presenter of the programme Pompidou. That writes The Tomorrow. In march 2016 was Pattyn was appointed as the cultuurmanager, a new function that was created in the framework of the then new management agreement of the VRT. “Nethoofd of Klara, presenter, and cultuurmanager, that are many orders. Therefore, I would choose and my full attention to Klara, especially in the context of the digital story that from January, we will begin to roll out, starting with the art program, Pompidou. That is a very challenging process where I with full enthusiasm in want to fly.”

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