Cause discodrama Italy caught

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ROME – The Italian police, the cause of the discodrama in Corinaldo, in which on Friday six people were killed, arrested. It comes to a minor boy. According to witnesses, sprayed him in the packed nightclub with pepper spray when he tried a necklace to steal. In the subsequent panic came five young people and a mother to the life.

After the drama remain Italians with a lot of questions. So, it is still unclear the extent to which there are far too many people in the disco were. Initially it seemed that there was only 1500 tickets were sold for a performance of the popular Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta, while there but for 871 people. A day later, said the police, however.

Others suggested that the standard of the number of people that the disco could accommodate, certainly more than was exceeded. So were dozens of young people without a card to within slipped. It was also found that some of the emergency exits near remained, while properly in such an emergency had opened.

Many Italians wondered how it was possible for such young teenagers in the middle of the night in a disco. The five died young people were all aged between 14 and 16 years.

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