Buijs decries attitude ‘arrogant’ Gözübüyük

c2721f681b927c319fc20566d95c852a - Buijs decries attitude 'arrogant' Gözübüyük

Serdar Gözübüyük gives Jerold Promes (not on picture) red, but flips it back later.

. The referee turned in the match VVV-FC Groningen a red card for Jerold Promes (OT) after the study of the images of the camera.

“All three parties have a very moderate party on the mat laid”, sneered Buijs for the camera of FOX after the match (0-0) in the direction of the arbitrator. Buijs was of the opinion that Promes red earned for his hard violation on Ritsu Doan. Buijs: “Maybe the VAR also have a bad day today.”

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The incident for rest was not the only thing that Buijs is about opwond. “I have no qualms that he makes mistakes,” said Buijs. “But if you make a mistake, give it just. But don’t go with such an arrogant appearance on the field, walk as if you are the king. The complaint you hear also of players.”

Promes said after FOX-that he is not in harmony with the opinion that he red had earned.

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