Boca after resting on edge against River Plate in return final Copa

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  • Boca after resting on edge against River Plate in return final Copa

Boca after resting on edge against River Plate in return final Copa

09 december, 2018 20:23
09-12-18 20:23
Last update: 11 minutes ago
Update: 11 minutes ago


In Madrid, River Plate and Boca Juniors on Sunday evening at 20.30 started the return of the final of the Copa Libertadores. The match was postponed and to Spain moved because of an attack on the team bus of Boca. Follow the match in our liveblog.

  • Final South American Champions League
  • Duel in Madrid because of supportersgeweld
  • First match ended in 2-2
  • River Plate-Boca Juniors 0-1 (2-3)

Copa Libertadores · 4 minutes ago

Dario Benedetto, creator of the opening goal, was in the first final match even though accurate. He is the first player in both finals of the Copa Libertadores scores since 2010, when Giuliano did that on behalf of Internacional.Copa Libertadores · 7 minutes geleden49′ Nice attempt of Pratto to River Plate at the same height. The commitment of the pointed toe inches apart.Copa Libertadores · 8 minutes ago

46′ The ball rolls again in the Santiago Bernabéu. It will undoubtedly be a hot second half, River Plate will still not want to let trump by nemesis Boca Juniors. Provisionally done that, however, because Boca leads with 0-1 by a goal of Benedetto.Copa Libertadores · 11 minutes geledenDe rivalry looks deep in. Benedetto can’t help directly after his goal a crazy mouth to draw to his opponent.

#Benedetto, this face isn’t necessary… then things happen in Argentine streets… and you need to travel to #Madrid #CONMEBOLLibertadores #River #Boca #RiverBoca


AuteurFootballMoment of plaatsen21:29 – 9 december 2018Copa Libertadores · 12 minutes geledenDe opening goal by Dario Benedetto in the picture.

#Boca se adelanta en el marcador al final del primer tiempo con anotación #Benedetto
#CopaLibertadores 🏆


AuteurMiguel Leonardo ReinoMoment of plaatsen21:29 – 9 december 2018Copa Libertadores · 25 minutes ago

Peace! The Argentine fighting cocks search on the dressing. Boca Juniors is leading with 0-1 thanks to a goal by Dario Benedetto just before half-time. The race itself is not particularly good, but much is made up by the atmosphere in the stands.Copa Libertadores · 30 minutes ago44′ GOAL, the Boca Juniors! 0-1

Just before half-time will Boca the lead. A splitting pass from the midfield to tear the defense of the River open. Dario Benedetto tap the ball, then deftly past the last defender and fails, not eye-to-eye with Armani. The striker shifts the ball extremely cold-blooded.Copa Libertadores · 31 minutes ago

40′ Finally some turmoil for the goals. First dulls Armani, hardly a cross road before the attackers from Boca to heads can think. In the counter-seizures comes River there fast, but it is the first move of brazil’s goals Montiel is not pure enough. Full Casco’s trying to make, but shoots high over.Copa Libertadores · 42 minutes geleden30′ Again is a great chance for Boca, he is for Perez. The midfielder gets the ball for the feet after a cracked free-kick and shoot straight. The ball is on the move yet touched, and flies, therefore, right past the (Boca) wrong side of the pole.Copa Libertadores · 43 minutes ago

The volley from Pablo Pérez in the picture, the biggest chance of the match so far. As Franco Armani a rescue in store will have, it is still 0-0.Copa Libertadores · one hour ago

The basic team of River Plate is fully Argentine. At Boca Juniors with Barrios, Vila (both Colombia), Nandez and Olaza (both Uruguay) four ‘foreigners’ in the field.Copa Libertadores · one hour ago

23′ As expected, characterizes the contest in the first quarter by strong duels and a lot of struggle. With the opportunities is what small made, this final match has yet to remove.Copa Libertadores · one hour geleden20′ Luck for River Plate. Ignacio Fernandez gets his foot against a low corner, but leans to far to the rear so the ball is about. River Plate draws little by little the initiative.Copa Libertadores · one hour geleden16′ The first yellow card of the contest is a fact. Julio Buffarini is on the receipt after he his opponent to wriggle out of spuds. It will in all probability not the last card of this duel.Copa Libertadores · one hour ago

Also Diego Simeone, the Argentine coach of Atlético Madrid, is attentive spectator.Copa Libertadores · one hour geleden11′ The first chance of the match for Boca, and it is a big one. Pablo Perez can be pretty vicious after a corner, but shoots right at keeper, Franco Armani. It is not an easy volley for the scot and his attempt is pretty hard, but he had the goalkeeper and still a lot more difficult.Copa Libertadores · one hour geleden10′ Both teams starting somewhat quietly to the duel. Because away goals in the Copa Libertadores, not double-counting, after the 2-2 in the first game is still absolutely right.Copa Libertadores · one hour ago

Because the competition in Europe is played, many Argentines who in this continent are working the chance of their countrymen even there to see the work. Among others, Javier Zanetti, record international of Argentina and nowadays vice-president of Internazionale, will be there in Madrid.Copa Libertadores · one hour geleden1′ The ball rolls in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, River Plate and Boca Juniors have started the second final match for the Copa Libertadores!Copa Libertadores · one hour ago

The fans of both teams in the ‘Superclásico’ is loudly heard, but of major civil disturbances is (still) not the case.Copa Libertadores · 2 hours ago

Because the fan groups of River and Boca have a decent reputation, especially as both clubs play against each other, there are no half measures in what concerns the security in the stadium of Real Madrid.Copa Libertadores · 2 hours ago

At 20.30 hours the stairs, River Plate and Boca Juniors in the Santiago Bernabéu for the returnwedstrijd in the final of the Copa Libertadores, the South American Champions League. The first match ended in 2-2. The Argentine aartsrivalen have emigrated to Spain after mightily supportersgeweld in Buenos Aires. These 22 players are about to kick off.

Compilation River Plate: Armani; Montiel, Pinola, Maidana, Casco; Enzo Pérez, Ponzio, Palacios, Fernández; Pity, Pratto

Preparation Boca Juniors: Andrada; Buffarini, Izquierdoz, Magallán, Olaza; Nández, Barrios, Pablo Pérez, Villa; Pavón, Benedetto.Back to top

Image: ANP


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