Belgian ‘kibbelkabinet’ claps

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Brussels – After a political soap opera is the Belgian government with N-VA at z’s end. Premier Michel travels despite a threat from the Flemish nationalists to not to do that Sunday off to Marrakech to the UN-migratiepact to support.

The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel.

With such a step, the N-VA exit forced, threatened to N-VA-president Bart De Wever fri night. But Michel did not blackmail. On a slotted press conference he made it clear that he is the N-VA ministers in his who will be replaced by the two secretaries of state. The who, who already was known as the ‘kibbelkabinet’, will continue as a minderheidskabinet. Next year, in may, there are, anyway, elections are planned.

The N-VA left the Belgian government expressly to dangle after a chaotic week. On a slotted cabinet meeting Saturday (hours delayed due to protest by the ’Yellow Shirts’ in Brussels), it was soon clear that the N-VA and the other three coalition parties opposite each other. The Flemish nationalists, the largest party within the cooperation, are vehemently against the migratiepact.

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Chairman and political brain of the party Bart De Wever sparkled this week through absence for the screens, but drew is still the director. But still, he wanted the final doodsklap not give. Smart rebounded, he hit the ball back to the other political parties, concerned to blame the fall of the government in the shoes slid.

Because the N-VA only let the emergency brake pulls, he did not agree to a vote against, he made Saturday clear. For the N-VA would be enough if Belgium would abstain from voting. But this was unacceptable to the Flemish parties CD&V and Open VLD and MR prime minister Michel, the only French-speaking party in the cabinet.

Last week was a political soap opera with lots of plot twists. After the Flemish nationalist N-VA first high tone had demanded that Michel not to Marrakesh would go on behalf of the government, refused the party the government to drop when it became clear that the other three governing parties in the parliament went in search of support for the pact.


Michel wants without N-VA provisional. The Weaver suggested that this latter, a ’Marrakesh-coalition’ is perfectly possible. “There is a two third majority, they can continue without us. They’ve clearly made with a lot of eagerness our proposal to reject.”

In Marrakesh is Monday, the summit meeting of the United Nations that the migratiepact on the table, a 34-page document, which provides guidelines about an orderly and safe migration. The N-VA fears that migrants with the pact in hand more rights to claim and that countries are no longer sovereign and can decide their own migration policies.

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