Yellow vests picked up in France

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Yellow vests are in the whole of France is on the street come. On the Champs-Elysées were 1,500 people on the street. Also in Lyon, Bordeaux and Nantes, there were incidents.

The French police do not want the risk do not take that the aggression of last weekend is repeating itself today in Paris. In the course of the morning were already over 500 people were preventively arrested. It suggests that the police ‘more assertive’ occurs than last weekend (when were all together with the heavy riots 412 people were arrested). In a side street of the Champs-Elysées are ten blue armoured vehicles ready to intervene.

Initially walk some 1,500 yellow vests quietly on the Champs-Elysées. When they the rue Arsène Houssay wanted, they were stopped by the police, when the first skirmishes began. The police put this tear gas. The condition derailed, however.

All Over France were 89.000 ordetroepen deployed, of which 8,000 in Paris. There were a total of 125,000 people on the street in the country, and there were 1.385 demonstrators were arrested. That has minister of Home Affairs Christophe Castaner published. The minister spoke of 118 wounded among the protesters and 17 police. On december 1, there were respectively 201, and 284, added the minister added.

Other cities

Also in the French city of Lyon are Saturday, thousands of ” yellow shirts’ on the streets come, it also came to riots. Groups of young people threw bottles and rookverwekkers, the police responded with tear gas. There were 23 people arrested. There was one wounded among the police and two lichtgewonden among the demonstrators.

In Saint-Etienne threw for 200 young people with stones, bottles. A police vehicle was omgekiept and set on fire. Some shops went to the shop window to pieces, others were looting. The police continued with tear gas and arrested about twenty people.

In Marseille attracted hundreds of masked or with a balaclava splendidly dressed young people to the Canebière. The police drove them with tear gas apart, and picked up eleven people.

In Bordeaux turned the peaceful protest into violence. Protesters threw with firebombs and stones, and cease fires. The police are picking on several occasions and put tear gas in. Other demonstrators tried to heethoofden to convince their actions to stop, some were even on the knees.

In Nantes were nine people arrested and hit one policeman injured.

Demonstrators threw projectiles and destroyed furniture. The police tried using tear gas to prevent protesters by politieversperringen would break.

In Toulouse were seven demonstrators were wounded and were 24 people arrested.

Protesters threw with all kinds of projectiles at the police, threw down barricades and kiepten bins. The police answered with tear gas.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends in a travel advisory welcome to to this weekend, not Paris. And if you do go, avoid the best tourist attractions and park in a garage.

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