Wiegman: ’Draw was indeed heavier in the olympics’

7601a343102a2fac50404c6c9754f870 - Wiegman: ’Draw was indeed heavier in the olympics’

Sarina Wiegman poses for the beginning of the draw.

Orange encounter in the group stage in Canada, New Zealand and Cameroon.

“For what concerns the group stage is indeed heavier in the olympics”, approved Wiegman from Paris. “While most opponents on a WK spicy. During the previous world cup, we played in the group against Canada and New Zealand. We are in the last four years mature and become better. We have more experience and my players to play football at a higher level.”

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The best two teams of the six groups qualify for the eighth finals, as the four best numbers three. As Orange as the first or second ends wait for a possible encounter against world champion United States or Sweden. “We have to take it as it is,” said Wiegman. “I can now not to say too much about because I don’t know which teams as first and second end. We are going to first very well prepared for the groepsduels.”

Orange plays all three group matches in the north of France. ,,And that is fine for our supporters,” said Wiegman. ,,Because they are very enthusiastic. I expected certainly that there are many people have to travel to France. That I hear around me, and which signals to catch the people of the KNVB. In addition, it is an advantage that it is in the north of France, often slightly cooler than in the south.”

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