’Trump announces departure of chief of staff John Kelly

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WASHINGTON – John Kelly, the chief of staff of the White House, get to the end of the year. According to news agency Bloomberg, president Trump that said, without the name of a successor.

Kelly’s departure was already in the air. Media have speculated that he will be replaced by Nick Ayers (36), who now works for vice president Mike Pence. Those rumors were fueled when president Ayers recently asked him to accompany the presidential aircraft Air Force One, even without that vice president Pence present. In the White House is Ayers not everyone is equally good: some people find him rude and overbearing.

Kelly (68) since July of last year the chief of staff to the White House, and before that he was a few months secretary of Homeland Security in the government-Trump. He gives as chief of staff led the service, which the president supports.

The boterde allegedly all times between Trump and Kelly. In his book on the government-Trump claimed journalist Bob Woodward that Kelly, the president repeatedly an idiot had called and not with him could work. That denied Kelly later.

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