‘To Paris for the final attack’

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Paris is closed today out of fear for a new day of violence by the yellow bibs and radical infiltrators. Over the whole of France, 89.000 ordetroepen deployed, of which 8,000 in Paris.

The public prosecutor of Paris has an investigation against Eric Drouet, one of the leaders of the yellow shirts, for incitement to a crime and the organising of an illegal manifestation. He called in an interview Wednesday on to the deposition of Macron. On the question of a journalist what the yellow shirts would do if they tomorrow at the Elysée arrive, said Drouet: ‘enter.’

The 33-year-old trucker Drouet changed yesterday the rifle from the shoulder. He cried through his Facebook page, which almost 46,000 followers, has, on this morning at 9 o’clock the ring around Paris, to block the porte Maillot. He also arranged videos which by the cardigans jaunes raving against the UN-Migratiepact, that Macron Monday in Marrakech will support, and would amount to the sale of the French sovereignty.

On some of the Facebook pages of the cardigans jaunes is going to be hard. ‘On december 8, 2018, with all to Paris for the final attack.”

Benjamin Cauchy, the leader of the ‘cardigans jaunes libres’ – a group within the protest movement who is willing to dialogue – called the French not to Paris: ‘It’s a trap. The government tries to make us continue for casseurs, which is not the case.’

Paris is closed

Paris is by no means assured. On and around the Champs-Elysées to shopkeepers keep their doors closed and their cabinets in the protect. The tourist attractions, museums, and libraries are closed and also many metro stations to remain closed today.

On the major roads and squares in the city center, traffic is limited: place Charles-de-Gaulle, Trocadéro, Concorde, Madeleine.

The football game between first graders Paris-Saint-Germain and Montpellier at the Parc des Princes has been postponed. Also in the rest of the country going to different football games not by so that as many possible agents can be used for the protests.

Also our ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends in a travel advisory welcome to to this weekend, not Paris. And if you do go, avoid the best tourist attractions and park in a garage.

Travel agencies Tui and Thomas Cook/Neckermann offer their customers a citytrip to Paris were booked this weekend, the chance to free of charge the tickets to cancel or choose a different date.

According to news agency AFP, to warn the French intelligence for infiltration of radical elements. They expect a mobilisation of far-right elements who dream of a revolution, and thus elements that a rebellion would like.’

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