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THE WAR ON DRUGS: an infusion endorphins

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With that other war on drugs, spits some in Antwerp, but not with those of Adam Granduciel. Oiled like a bodybuilder denderde he by the palace of sports.

‘Welcome to our beautiful living room, joked Adam Granduciel after he with opener ‘Holding on’ immediately etaleerde for which he had come: a sound that allows you to cathedrals could …

‘Welcome to our beautiful living room, joked Adam Granduciel after he with opener ‘Holding on’ immediately etaleerde for which he had come: a sound that allows you to cathedrals could fill. With 15,000 seats complimented the frontman of The War on Drugs down in the main ‘living room’ that he this tour (almost) fill. After the passages in the Prince and the Lotto Arena last year and Coming this summer, the Americans, but to grow.

And that for a band with long hair, plaid shirts, harmonica and, godbetert, guitars? It would not be allowed to be in the year 2018. And yet does their re-interpretation of classic rock. Already found, especially for older young people to make their way to the Antwerp arena. Seduced by the echoes of Dylan and Springsteen and Neil Young. To avoid misunderstandings bore bassist David Hartley a T-shirt of the death last year of primal American heartlandrocker Tom Petty.

Four years back, we saw Granduciel still with his back as a soloist to the audience in the tiny Roundabout of the Botanique. How to handle shy guy so blown living in the throat? Not with a flashy light show or dazzling visuals, nor with volksmennerij à la Eddie Vedder. With musical inspiration, but then. And that was there in abundance for himself and his five-piece band, that set the stage striking ‘small’ kept.

The War on Drugs-songs are perfect for that kind of ecstasy, because they are often a battle between light and dark. Granduciel went one time suffer from depression and panic attacks. “Give me the deeper understanding of who I am’, it sounded hoarse in ‘Pain’, the song that the title for his latest album, A deeper understanding, and delivered. That guitar solo that he about his dark thoughts drapeerde, felt like a shot, no, a drip endorphins.

And so there were a lot of guitar solos. So much that you want to change the entire Antwerp ring could be covering. I had the guitars lean against the echoing drum heads by Charlie Hall, whose metronoomslagen now and then the dominant names in the galmgat of steel and pre-stressed concrete. Already made Hall always for that devastating drive. With a train moving rockabibllycadans in ‘Baby missiles’, for example, or dry Fleetwood Mac-drums in ‘In chains’.

The wall of sound was so solid dichtgeplamuurd with a bunch of keyboards and the baritone sax of Jon Natchez, that you add not saw. But so did the ‘How can I be freeeee ” in ” An ocean in between the waves’ only as a bigger fight sound. Or ” Eyes to the wind’, which Natchez Springsteen-saxbeest Clarence Clemons seemed to overthrow, to want to blow.

Much variation was not in the set, grosso modo switches Granduciel between fast ‘autosongs’ and ‘misty ballads”, which are klankkathedralen where redeemable. The magic was in the intensity. As in ‘Red eyes’, which Granduciel with every guitar solo still deeper in his soul nourished.

The brightest glimde ‘Under the pressure’, that after a fade-in build-up between guitar and sax as a volcano of all-devouring euphoria erupted. And then rolled the epic, ” Thinking of a place in the room, perhaps Granduciels best song. With its beautiful psychedelic haze intoxicated, he the hall to the last seat.

“This is a special moment,” Granduciel visible gold-plated, after which he uitzwaaide with ‘Come to the city’, a song from 2011 in which he was so wild with his guitar relished that he seemed to electroshock got, until he and his instrument against the stage kwakte. “Lead me back to the place I’m from,” she said, but he can, for the time being, just not to return.

THE WAR ON DRUGS Given on the 7th of december in the antwerp Sportpaleis, Antwerp

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