The Is a: ’Rather yellow than red’

d0d9bb8e2a560649f2104f2ff61ce723 - The Is a: ’Rather yellow than red’

Matthijs de ligt try PEC Zwolle player Kingsley Ehizibue to stop.

The Ajax captain vloerde the doorgbroken Kingsley Ehizibue before he dangerous that could be. Red, begged the players of PEC Zwolle, but referee Jochem Kamphuis was yellow enough. The Is was there or agree: “I’d rather be yellow than red,” he told Fox Sports.

Ajax won in Zwolle, incidentally, with 4-1. This narrowed the number two of the premier league behind leader PSV, that Friday night, 6-0 won in Excelsior, again to two points.

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