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The Croo open AfricaMuseum with a promise

1724c5fd7a80a592674ff4e88f192e58 - The Croo open AfricaMuseum with a promise

In Tervuren, is the new africa museum officially opened. Minister of development Cooperation, The Croo promised that Africa is possibly looted art can be returned to you.

Not only the building of the museum was in need of renovation, said De Croo, at the official opening. The museum was becoming more and more an anachronism: “It outlined a few critical picture of the colonial period and became more and more a thorn in the eye.’

The Croo praised the new museum as it is now ‘a picture paints of the contemporary Africa, the liberated Africa, dynamic Africa. Of the continent, which a growing role in the world and which are going to be a quarter of the world population lives.’

Apologies for the excess in the colonial time, The Croo is not in and of itself. But a promise that Africa should again about his cultural heritage.

‘About eighty percent of the colonial heritage of Africa is located in Western museums. That is not normal, and that can’t continue. At the least Africa a better access to these collections. But that is not enough.’

‘Africa needs to restart itself on its cultural heritage. Of course, should the physical conditions in the field of conservation and collections management, as a return permit. And, of course, this is only if the African governments to be respectful with that cultural heritage dealing, and the provision of their population. But the return, refund, should be no longer a taboo.”

The museum is tomorrow open to the public at large.

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