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The Big Dictation is reinvented for 2,000 fans

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The Big Dictation lives again. The first edition of the Big Dictation Reinvented seduced two thousand enthusiasts in sixty Flemish libraries.

A year ago, tried the library of Mechelen all the Big Dictation to breathe new life into. Only. A year later, doing sixty libraries and put two thousand fans are on the same …

A year ago, tried the library of Mechelen all the Big Dictation to breathe new life into. Only. A year later, doing sixty libraries and put two thousand fans at the same time in order to error-free writing.

Around 19.30 the doors of the Famous library swing open, seems to be ten, twenty people to post for The Big Dictation Reinvented, which will soon be simultaneously about two thousand people in 60 Flemish and Brussels libraries will participate.

I let me as Dictation-neophyte already quite intimidated by Jozef Lamberts. Lamberts is not the first the best. It turns out he is a veteran of many language-wars and won, in 2001, the Big (Television)Dictation of the Dutch language in The Hague, that when at the same time the Flemish and Dutch television was broadcast.

Lamberts is a real taalverslaafde. “We have been coming for years to the couple of weekends along with 10 to 12 Flemish and Dutch leaders of the Great Dictation. The one time in the Netherlands, the other time in Flanders. The host has each time a dictation is ready (developed, or someone else’s), that we then have to unsubscribe and then improve. We call our dictation the BeNe-Dictation. Great fun!’


To 20 hours is the great moment is there. The participants may in the central hall of the library table to choose. My neighbor looks worried: “My wife has me enrolled,” he says with begrafenisstem. I start to doubt: what am I actually getting?

Reader of service is weatherman Frank Deboosere. “It is really hondenweer (with -n), or kloteweer (without -n). You may choose’, starts Demo. The hall shoot in the smile, but a little later it is again completely quiet as the weatherman the whole dictation reads. (The text below.)

The organization of The Dictation Reinvented kept his word: it seems to me from the beginning is a fairly easy dictation. No concatenation of difficult words that nobody knows, as it used to on television. A dictation with ordinary words, on a human scale. After the first, poepsimpele sense, I create all that courage. But soon I become ruthless the pass is cut off.

‘John Lennon glasses’, I hear. No idea what it should be. John-Lennonbrilletje, John Lennonbrilletje, John Lennon glasses? Joost may know. But the rest of the dictation seems pretty easy. At the end grows with the hope that I with a few mistakes will be punished.


Pens down! Then read writer Ans De Bremme and the rest of her Dictation. In the second part of the Dictation Reinvented get 20 hard to spell words. There is going to be at each word literally ring a bell and then appear at the front of the large projection screen 2 or more spellings of that word. Every word delivers a letter. In total it delivers 20 letters, and now it comes: this is where we need a word of 20 letters trying to form. The dictation is suddenly a game of Scrabble.

This part runs pretty good. I waan me of 15 or 16 letters a hundred percent sure. A beautiful base for the word of 20 letters. After the dictation we get even 10 minutes to as long as possible, word to find. I am after a few minutes, pretty sure that the word ‘library’ is contained in the 20-letter-word. Da’s already 11 letters.

I then note ‘library books’, because I think the word ‘books’ to be able to discern in my series of letters. 17 letters already! But I 20 needed. 2 minutes before the gong goes, I’ll be on ‘bibliotheekboekenbal’. 20 letters! I enjoy equally, it would be correct? … I have a half a minute for affluiten see that to find the word certainly is a ‘z’. My discovery was unfortunately not.

The dessert: a nerve-racking Spelling Bee

Pause. The dictation-jury is going to improve. A little later we gather in a zijzaaltje tense for the Verdict. Ludo Permentier, linguist and co-creator of The Big Dictation Reinvented through the crucial mistakes in the Dictation.

And then picks up Permentier with the Great Bouncer of the Dictation from our friend John Lennon. Almost 50 of the 60 participants went off the bend. So, and not otherwise, had this absurdity could be written: ‘johnlennonbrilletje’. Together, without capital letters! Permentier explains: it is written so because it is a certain type of glasses, the round glasses with colored glass. ‘Glasses that only expensive, because the upper-Beatle ever one has worn.’

I beach on two errors. But by the second test, I know that the Golden Pen is not for moij will be.

We get an overview of the longest words that the participants came up with. There are pearls from the bus as ‘knielbehoefte’, ‘boekkribbels’, ‘cough’, and even ‘fluisterboekbezoeker’. The hall has a round of applause for the most beautiful finds. But the winning 20 acronym that we were looking for, is ‘library visitors a total’.

Now the winners will be announced. Teacher Kris Van Ransbeeck is in Mechelen with the Golden Pen, the get. For the silver, there are five candidates, who are ex-aequo rules are finished. They get it as a dessert, a real Spelling Bee for the choose, the ultimate taalbeproeving. They should be at the front of the stage all five on a small stand and turn out loud, letter after letter, words including any punctuation and hyphens games, words becoming harder and harder.

The two men fall prey to nerves, immediately. The three remaining women are the involved sort themselves out. Annelies Roosen pull on the longest end and picks up the coveted Silver Pen.

This is the text of the dictation:

Conversation with a philosopher – Ans De Bremme

(Part 1) ‘Writing is to say that there is step by step an I outside the self arises, that tells you what you mean.’ Vik looks at Mona by his johnlennonbrilletje. ‘Rutger Kopland’ he says, and sniffs noisy. Mona nods and smiles. She wonders why she is by Imke has persuaded to an encounter with this man. ‘Vik is editor-in-chief of a literary magazine,’ was Also suggested. “A very fascinating man. You’ve probably tig common interests. He has oriental philosophy is studied and he is still hups also. If it doesn’t click, then you have at least an afternoon to a seduisante man looked at.’

Mona had finally admitted it. If it doesn’t harm not. And so she was with this philosopher in the coffee shop of the library itself. When she arrived, beat Vik a novel close, that he just seemed to have read. ‘The Idiot’ by Dostoevsky, a harbinger of what the rest of the afternoon would bring.

(Part 2) After the quote of Kopland, continues to Vik Mona with big eyes staring at. She makes an effort to be something ad rems to bruce, but turn unfortunately full tilt.‘Nice chocoladecakeje,’ she observes so on. In the meantime, she points like a dickhead to the cakes for her on the table. ‘A cake, ” says Vik. He stirs his mint tea and kucht slightly irritated. “Oh, yes, so hot,’ mutters Mona. She takes a bite and looks quickly around in the establishment.

‘You write long?’ Vik puts his hand on his bulky book that is still on the table. His thumb stroking almost caressing the cover. Best well actually, I can’t remember that I did not,’ replied Mona. ‘Already many published?’ “I have a blog and I take here and there, sometimes part in a game where I occasionally have something to win. I also have a book published.’ Mona’s voice sounds a bit wavering.

‘Nice, a book, ” says Vik. “Have you sold a lot?’ “No, not really, I had expected more. I was actually quite disappointed when I got the sales figures to see.’ Vik gnuift: ‘It is as Nietzsche said: writing as a profession to consider, it should be seen as a form of madness.’ Mona do not know where they are. ‘Too bad actually. It remains, somewhere, the dream of every author to write to earn a living,’ stammers she.

Vik turn his eyes to the ceiling, and sigh: ‘Ah, the attempt to make heaven on earth a reality, bringing still the hell continues.’ ‘Dostoevsky? ” attempting to Mona and pointing with her chin in the direction of the book that still by Viks hand is stroked. He shakes his head: “Wrong, that was Popper.’ Mona nods schlemielig. This is with the minute more embarrassing. Vik takes his hand from his book and pushes it in the direction of Mona. “Have you read it?’

Mona takes nervously a bite of her pastry. ‘No, my social life, I can never find the time to me in such thick books to deepen and after a long day at work, see I also like to just television.” Vik gniffelt pedantic. ‘Television? I’d rather read a fascinating book. Gandhi once said: “those Who taste will find in the reading of good books, is able to get the solitude to wear, anywhere and with great ease.’

Now Mona has had enough. ‘Listen here wijsneus: talent develops in solitude, character in the stream of life-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.’ Vik looks at her bewildered, but Mona was adamant. “And now I go to the house, a nice trivial television viewing. To be happy you must do what make you happy.’ ‘Aurelius?’ aims to Vik yet. ‘No,’ says Mona resolutely: ‘Johan Cruyff.’ She takes her handbag and walks to the case.

(This text was Friday night december 7, simultaneously read out in The Great Dictation Reinvented in 60 Flemish and Brussels libraries.)

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