Sisters OG3NE miss their mother extra in the month of December

edbc1990f36090d3cf67655aa77e77bd - Sisters OG3NE miss their mother extra in the month of December


Their Dutch christmas single Everything is still here, about missing loved ones during the christmas season, came Thursday. “The death has a lot of influence on this song,” affirms Shelley by Twan Huys, ” It is our feeling that is described by our father, Rick. It is only a month ago that he wrote it and we had not the idea to put it in a christmas single, but when we heard it, we all had a lump in our throat and a little tear and that was preceies how we felt certainly in the christmas season is the loneliness and the lack is just a bit worse.”

Amy continues: “You’re really confronted with, because it is in that month of December is all about family, fun, together, and then, you will be confronted with the people that you miss. We were also given lots of feedback on the track with personal stories and people who say: “It fits perfectly with how I feel basically all the time feel’.”

Are the sisters with christmas in the Kurhaus in Scheveningen with their show. The family is there also and they find it is actually fine to be so, with their ’ nice work’ to celebrate christmas. Lisa: “It is no longer as it was.”

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