SC Heerenveen dries Willem II

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Joy to the players of sc Heerenveen

In the pouring rain made both made it an attractive match. Nemanja Mihajlovic, the replacement for the ill Arber Zeneli, opened the score after a quarter of an hour with a technical tour de force (0-1). Two minutes later it was right by a surefire boogbal of Atakan Akkaynak, that the home team is the place of the suspended Pol Llonch took.

In the 39th minute had to Willem II with ten man further. Arbitrator Siemen Mulder reproved what push – and drawgear by Freek Heerkens with red for the Tilburg captain, and a penalty kick for the visitors. Ben Rienstra lap tap of eleven metres, 1-2.

After the break, left Heerenveen by the province of Brabant, about ten not be a surprise. Michel Vlap resulted in the 53rd minute with a fierce shot in the short corner for 1-3. Mitchell of Bergen (19) was then two-time accurate: 1-5, with special thanks to Vlap. They were his first goals in the premier league.

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