Reactor 4 of the Target should be booted

e980412de7723ffa06899d236ebedbf3 - Reactor 4 of the Target should be booted

BRUSSELS – nuclear Reactor 4 of the Belgian Goal in the next few days to restart. The supervisor for nuclear power plants FANC has given permission.

The Belgian reactors to contend with (old age)ailments, which are neighbouring countries of the Netherlands and Germany have any questions do call.

Goal 4 was in August shut down. The concrete in the ceiling of the bunker of the reactor did not fulfil the requirements. The FANC release on its website that the problem is now fixed and that Goal 4 again in a safe manner.

The nuclear power plants in doel near Antwerp, and Tihange in Liège are close to the border with the Netherlands. Both plants camps regularly with problems that make it necessary reactors out of service. Environmentalists and concerned citizens in the Netherlands and Belgium, requirements for years, closure of the plants.

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