Reactions after draw Oranjevrouwen for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in France

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  • Reactions after draw Oranjevrouwen for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in France

Reactions after draw Oranjevrouwen for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in France

08 december 2018 17:43
08-12-18 17:43
Last update: 8 minutes ago
Update: 8 minutes ago


The Oranjevrouwen take it next summer at the world cup in France in the group stage against New Zealand, Canada and Cameroon, so make the draw on Saturday. Read all of the responses in this liveblog.

  • Draw Oranjevrouwen for world cup
  • Orange find Canada, New Zealand, Cameroon

Oranjevrouwen · 3 minutes geledenHet world CHAMPIONSHIPS on Friday 7 June in Paris opened with the match between France and South Korea.

One for your diary ➡️ Friday, June 7th 2019, 21:00 CET
France and Korea Republic will face each other in the opening match of the #FIFAWWC in Paris!
🇫🇷 @equipedefrance
🇰🇷 @theKFA


AuteurFIFA Women’s World Cup 🇫🇷Time of plaatsen18:49 – 8 december 2018Oranjevrouwen · 4 minutes ago

Miedema: “After the group stage can be very hard’
Vivianne Miedema holds mixed feelings about the draw for the world cup. “I’m a bit relieved, but also a little disappointed,” says the striker at the NOS. “We are the countries already encountered in Canada, but especially after the group stage can be very hard.” Then take the Oranjevrouwen possible defending champion United States.Oranjevrouwen · 10 minutes geledenEen overview of all the groups of the world cup in 2019.

Here are your groups for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019! 🇫🇷


AuteurFIFA Women’s World Cup 🇫🇷Time of plaatsen18:46 – 8 december 2018Oranjevrouwen · 10 minutes ago

📅📝| Put this data in your diary! This is our match schedule for the group stage of the world cup.
#OnzeJacht #FIFAWWC


AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen18:48 – 8 december 2018Oranjevrouwen · 11 minutes ago

Oranjevrouwen take Canada, New Zealand and Cameroon
The Oranjevrouwen be in the draw for the world cup of 2019 linked to Canada, New Zealand and Cameroon. The reigning European champion, begins the global final tournament, as in 2015 against New Zealand. That contest will be on 11 June in Le Havre.Oranjevrouwen · 13 minutes geledenChili comes as the last country from the tubes and takes it in group F, against the USA, Thailand and Sweden.Oranjevrouwen · 14 minutes geledenKameroen is the last country linked to the Oranjevrouwen. The team of coach Sarina Wiegman will find further Canada and New Zealand.Oranjevrouwen · 15 minutes geledenZuid Africa belongs to group B, consisting of Germany, China and Spain. Argentina is in group D with England, Scotland and Japan. Jamaica meets in pool C are Australia, Italy and Brazil. Chile and Cameroon remain about as last opponent for the Oranjevrouwen.Oranjevrouwen · 17 minutes geledenWe to start the last pot. Nigeria completes group A, which is formed by France, Norway and South Korea.Oranjevrouwen · 18 minutes geledenDe Oranjevrouwen start just like three years ago against New Zealand. That match is on 11 June in Le Havre played. Thailand is the last country from pot 2 linked to the USA and Sweden.Oranjevrouwen · 19 minutes geledenIn group D comes Scotland with England and Japan.Oranjevrouwen · 20 minutes geledenItalië must be in pool C against Australia, and Brazil and China will meet in group B Germany and Spain.Oranjevrouwen · 21 minutes geledenWe go further with the nations from pot 3. South Korea is in group A linked to France and Norway.Oranjevrouwen · 22 minutes geledenZweden comes as the last country from pot 2 out of the sleeves. The losing finalist of the last Olympic Games, will play in group F against the United States.Oranjevrouwen · 23 minutes geledenDaar are the Oranjevrouwen. They will take on Canada and avoid thereby defending champion USA. The Canadians are the number three of the last Olympic Games.Oranjevrouwen · 24 minutes geledenJapan, the subduer of the Oranjevrouwen at the previous world cup, in group D against England.Oranjevrouwen · 24 minutes geledenBrazilië found in group C Australia. England, Canada and the USA remain as possible opponents for the Netherlands.Oranjevrouwen · 25 minutes geledenDe Oranjevrouwen escape Germany. Spain is the eight-fold European champion linked.Oranjevrouwen · 26 minutes geledenWe go through with the nations from pot 2, including the Oranjevrouwen. Norway is in group A visit to France.Oranjevrouwen · 27 minutes geledenOlympisch champion Germany leads group B, Australia belongs to group C, England’s group head in pool D, Canada lands in group E, and reigning world champion usa is in group F. Oranjevrouwen · 29 minutes geledenWe going to finally start with the draw. France is the first country from the tubes and is found in group A. Oranjevrouwen · 31 minutes ago

Soon we will finally start with the draw!Oranjevrouwen · 34 minutes geledenCarli Lloyd brings the world cup to the United States in 2015 conquered.

Thank you for bringing the trophy, @CarliLloyd! 🇺🇸🏆


AuteurFIFA Women’s World Cup 🇫🇷Time of plaatsen18:23 – december 8, 2018Oranjevrouwen · 37 minutes geledenEen for a are those who the draw carried out presented. Among others, Didier Deschamps, Won, Michael Essien and Cindy Parlow Cone will deal with the spheres and the tubes.Oranjevrouwen · 40 minutes geledenZoals usual, the draw was initiated by a big show.

A great show to start a huge night!


AuteurFIFA Women’s World Cup 🇫🇷Time of plaatsen18:16 – december 8, 2018Oranjevrouwen · 42 minutes ago

The draw is on the point of start. Won is one of the attendees in La Seine Musicale.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenDe ceremony for the draw has already started.

La cérémonie commence maintenant avec Amanda Davis et @DenisBrogniart !
Pour suivre le direct c’est ici ►


AuteurTéléfootMoment of plaatsen18:03 – 8 december 2018Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenHet world cup is also the time when the UEFA-countries for the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo. The best three European teams get an olympic ticket. The netherlands struggles so with England, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Italy to qualification for the Games.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenNog a few minutes until the draw starts. In La Seine Musicale is already pretty full.

#FIFAWWC Draw starting shortly @LaSeineMusicale. Ambiance is sparking ✨✨✨✨


AuteurFatma SamouraMoment of plaatsen17:54 – 8 december 2018Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenDe best two countries from each pool and the four best numbers three places for the next round. Therefore, there are sixteen teams to the knock-out stages of the tournament. The final will be on 7 July in Lyon will be played.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenLanden from the same kwalificatiezone can not be together in the group arrive, with the exception of the European countries. However, there can be a maximum of two European teams in one group end up.Oranjevrouwen · one hour ago

Of the 24 countries, six of their debut at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Chile, Jamaica, Scotland and South Africa, for the first time made their appearance in a global final tournament.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenDe the full layout of the pots for the draw.

The format for the draw of the world cup is known. We sit tomorrow in pot 2:
#OnzeJacht #FIFAWWC


AuteurOranjeLeeuwinnenMoment of plaatsen10:22 – december 7 2018Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenWel the Oranjevrouwen one of the absolute top performers, take. Host France, defending champion usa and olympic champion Germany along with England, Canada and Australia are among the strongest pot.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenPot 2 is next to the Netherlands, formed by Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Spain and Norway. The Oranjevrouwen avoid that countries in the group stage.Oranjevrouwen · one hour geledenDe Oranjevrouwen do for the second time at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Three years ago, debuted the reigning European champion with a place in the eighth finals. It was with the 2-1 lost of Japan.Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours geledenRegerend world champion United States will sign in the Ile Seguin.

The World Champions are in town… 🇺🇸🏆


AuteurFIFA Women’s World Cup 🇫🇷Time of plaatsen17:22 – december 8, 2018Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours geledenNederland as number seven of the FIFA rankings in pot 2 are classified in the draw. The team of coach Sarina Wiegman qualified for the world cup in the play-offs successively Denmark and Switzerland, to eliminate.Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

The draw for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS is carried out by the former English international Alex Scott and former French international Louis Saha.Oranjevrouwen · 2 hours ago

A small three quarters of an hour for the Oranjevrouwen the draw for the world cup to start. Place of performance is La Seine Musicale on the small island of Ile Seguin, west of Paris, in the Seine river.Back to top

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