Premier Michel to Marrakech despite tension

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BRUSSELS – Belgian prime minister Charles Michel is Monday, present in the Moroccan city of Marrakech to vote on the so-called migratiepact, despite rapidly increasing tensions in his own government. The prime minister reiterated his proposal for the pact to support.

The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel.

Saturday night came, the council of ministers unexpectedly together. Profile) the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) had Friday all to that extra meeting requested. The N-VA is a fierce opponent of the agreement on migration, because Belgium according to the Flemish nationalists, the grip on migration policy by the pact might lose. For coalition partners MR, Open Vld and CD&V have the prime minister’s migratiepact Monday or approve. Premier Michel said afterwards that there was “no consensus” exists about the withdrawal of the earlier decision for the pact to support.

The slotted meeting lasted Saturday is not very long and the N-VA announced a private press conference. Earlier in the evening called deputy prime minister Jan Jambon (N-VA), the possibility of reaching a compromise on the pact is very small.

In Marrakesh is Monday, the summit meeting of the United Nations that the migratiepact on the table, a 34-page document, which provides guidelines about an orderly and safe migration.

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