Paniekuitbraak disco Italy: 6 dead, 100 wounded

7ee65a1874e21a2bce80f456a17f0567 - Paniekuitbraak disco Italy: 6 dead, 100 wounded

ANCONA – In a night club in the Italian province of Ancona, its Friday night, six people were killed after panic broke out.

After the paniekuitbraak advanced emergency services in Ancona flock out.

According to Italian media wanted people to outside flee when a visitor to an irritating substance in the air had sprayed. One hundred people were affected, injured, of whom there are about ten serious.

At the disco Lanterna Azzurra is in the town of Madonna del Piano, in the north of Italy were about a thousand, mostly young, visitors on the leg. They were there for a concert by the Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta.

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