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Night of the televisiesterren is a guest lecture

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Get Otto-Jan Ham, Thomas Vanderveken or Dieter Coppens a TV Star? It is not a gala but in a lecture published.

You’ll only be a television star. A few years ago could be the winner of an award is still under a lot of applause the stage to ascend during the Night of the Televisiesterren, a real galashow. This year’s winners will simply be announced during a guest lecture at the University of Ghent.

It’s been a while not so good with the organization of the Televisiesterren. When VRT and VTM decided the gala is no longer broadcast in 2015, the organising Flemish Television Academy in the problems. Without the tv show lost to the gala appearance. That look was no longer so big because there is sometimes controversial prizes were awarded. The award for the best information went, for example, in 2014, to the satirical programme ‘The Ideal World’.

In 2015, 2016 and 2017, there was even a show organized, without tv coverage. And now it seems completely done. Not a show, but a lecture in the presence of a large group of students.

The department of Communication studies of the Faculty of Political & Social Sciences, Ghent University welcomes Mark Uytterhoeven – one of the founding members of the Flemish Television Academy for a lecture on creativity, contemporary trends and future challenges in the tv world. ‘It is a lecture in which about six hundred students have registered and they will ask questions in a number of well-known speakers about their field of work, ” explains Chris Cockmartin, managing director of the Flemish Television Academy, in The Interest of the province of Limburg.

The students will first ascertain whether, for example, Dieter Coppens, Jens Dendoncker, Otto-Jan Ham or Thomas Vanderveken the best tv presenter of Flanders.

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