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Mouscron and Zulte Waregem shoot low with scoreloos tie

3fe7d313867f2f379933c8cb6e70790c - Mouscron and Zulte Waregem shoot low with scoreloos tie

Mouscron and Zulte Waregem have in a real kelderduel on the eighteenth match day of the Jupiler Pro League 0-0 gelijkgespeeld. Both teams let the opportunity to escape from the danger zone. Miserable, desolate or bleak are all synonyms that this competition may reflect. The result was 0-0.

From bad to worse. So you can make this party the best way to describe. It was no weather for a dog to hunt. The rain was pouring from the sky. That is why the terreinverzorgers of Mouscron for the target areas with floor squeegees the excess water, try to remove it. Hilarious images.

That action turned out to be a measure of nothing, a lot of opportunities, we were not to see. Still, both coaches have their best team drafted. At Essevee came to Sylla, and Bongonda to the kick-off, Buffalo and Bjordal sat on the couch. Storck introduced three bills. Gulan, Pierrot, and Butez were allowed to start the race.

It seemed immediately an amusing soccer match. After five minutes missed Sylla a huge kopkans after a vrijschop. What we then were able to see, was actually not on tv directly to send out. Had it have to do with the bekermatch of last week that are still in the legs? Who can say that. Mouscron came about after a quarter of an hour something better in the match, but did nothing with the possession that it has acquired. Zulte Waregem and waited for them to break out on the counterattack. Essevee had the intention to make something of it, but each time the final pass is not good or there was something wrong in the build-up. The Peacock was able to agree only on Butez, but the attacker talmde too long and suffered losing the ball. The balance in the rest was lean. Mouscron had once on purpose walked, not even between the frame. Essevee his side had seven shots again.

Festival of wrong passes

Hoping for a speedy recovery to grasp both teams in the second half. That was even worse than the first. The fauw was immediately after the break, once for yes and played Bongonda. That his cross resulted in nothing. It was a festival with wrong passes, poor communication and no opportunities. The pinnacle was that the central duo Dussenne-Boya each other before the feet started walking in the uitverdedigen. Distressing.

A free-kick from The fauw who just in addition, was a rare moment of excitement. That Lokeren meanwhile, on backlog, was the only positive news. Sylla tried again with the left from a distance, but his shot flew over. A vrijschop of Buffalo was by Butez from under his crossbar removed and Dussenne looked in the extra time for a second yellow card stock.

In the state shoot both teams not a lot of time with a point. Essevee remains on the thirteenth place and hang out, Mouscron is a place lower ranked. For Dury and his associates follows a trip to the Standard, the advent of Charleroi and a derby at KV Kortrijk. Les Hurlus draw next week to Eupen, received Anderlecht and need to get to Antwerp.

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