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Michael Schumacher looked together with the FIA boss to F1 race Brazil

3c24998621a1c39668eb778fa631bab9 - Michael Schumacher looked together with the FIA boss to F1 race Brazil

It is generally known that FIA president Jean Todt is one of the few close friends that Michael Schumacher on a regular basis to visit, and last month they followed along the GP of Brazil.

On the twenty-ninth of december it will be five years since Michael Schumacher in a heavy fall during a ski accident, a brain injury suffered. Since then know only a few persons how the German and one of those people is the current FIA president Jean Todt.

He experienced together with the Schumacher era at Ferrari, and the two became good friends. As told Todt that he last month to Switzerland afzakte to give his friend a visit and during this visit they have together, the GP of Brazil viewed.

“I’m always cautious if I have something to tell,” said Todt in the ‘Auto Bild.’ “But it is true that I am the GP of Brazil with Michael in Switzerland followed you.”

That is about all the Frenchman revealed on his visit to Schumacher, but he wanted more to tell about the broadcast of the race by the German RTL. Especially the commercial breaks were not really in the taste at ‘JT.’

“I was frustrated because I could not believe my eyes after five minutes. While I go to the race to watch was I had still an iPad lying next to me, with all the times, therefore, does the advertising, me not so much.”

“I also understand, however, that commercial broadcasters in this way, their broadcasts have to finance and that everything according to the law.”

“But still, I would at least a small window like on the right side where I would be able to follow. When I go to a race I want to also be able to understand.”

However, it would Todt do not shoot at the presenters, and the support of the broadcast on RTL.

“The reporters and the comments are certainly competent. I want no criticism to give, I know how difficult their job is. That board, I have also always given to Michael,” concluded Todt.

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