Lisa Leman has come up with surprising new single

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For her new single ‘come Together’ chose Lisa Leman, this time for a sensitive ballad. An entire turnaround after the rhythmic pop and dance songs that we have of her are accustomed to. The song sounds immediately familiar, because it is a new version of ‘You needed me’ by Anne Muray, for which Jan Floren the Flemish text wrote.

Lisa, her singing career is since this year in a huge momentum, with her recent singles performed excellently on all the radio stations and its bookings sharply increased. In this way it is her hobby more and more to its appeal, making them at half-time to a part-time job had to switch.

Next year, they five years on the shelves, which in Staden will not go unnoticed pass, and on which later, more detailed info follows.
‘Come together’ was with Flanders ‘ best musicians recorded in the Heko studio with Bandit. It appeared with D & V and is available as download and streaming on all major internet portals. There was also a clip, which is from 8 december sporadically to see will be on ment tv.

(Nico Vanaken)

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