Lawyer: ’Venema is the striker of FC Utrecht”

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Nick Venema of FC Utrecht

“I think he really is the striker of FC Utrecht is going to be. The qualities that he has just. He is a very big boy and he can shoot, that is really unbelievable. That you can’t teach, that is a gift, for example, just as Ronald Koeman had,” said the Lawyer.

From the sixteen metres he has a great shot. Along with his speed are two properties that are very crucial for a striker. Then you can say ” age and experience will make nothing, but you should not kill. In the whole he must be a number of things continue to develop. But that you can learn and the talents that he has you can’t teach. He comes closer to the base, but it’s the right time. That is very crucial. Soon, we will have a preparation of two and a half weeks and then everything is a bit settled.”

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