Justice requires substantial penalty for Cohen

0f4cf32b59088efb1f63ee6f12f3a307 - Justice requires substantial penalty for Cohen

NEW YORK – prosecutors in New York want to find a jury of Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of the Us president, Donald Trump, condemn to a “substantial prison sentence.” This is evident from documents that were lodged with the court.

Cohen explained in August compared to a federal judge, an admission of guilt. He then gave, amongst other things, that he on behalf of president Donald Trump zwijggeld had paid in to a porn star, and the tax was evaded.

By cooperating with the public prosecutors, the 51-year-old Cohen is eligible for sentence remissions. U.s. media reported earlier that Cohen had agreed with three to five years in prison.

Robert Mueller, special prosecutor in the Russiagate-research, let it be known that he has no additional punishment required for Cohen. The latter would be important information to Mueller about Trump.

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