Jens Dendoncker does gsm-addict Mathias Coppens on drastic way to rehab

4906a4308a9442bf98f33ba1c6ac19dd - Jens Dendoncker does gsm-addict Mathias Coppens on drastic way to rehab

“Daddy is the best in the world”, sounds at Lowis and Marcel, the daughter and son of Mathias Coppens. “But he is constantly busy with his MOBILE. One time he has even four hours at a stretch call”. And if the smartphone is to play, he sits for another screen. While the children themselves limited time amount to proper level… “Your dad is addicted. And we are going to help him to rehab”, sounds resolute Jens Dendoncker. Mathias is for a routine check-up to the AZ Monica Antwerp sent, where the use of smartphones is strictly prohibited. Something of which Mathias is a bitter little note, with all the consequences.

Marisa and Evert to form a topkoppel and after 2.5 years still madly in love. Despite some not so subtle hints of Marisa, was Evert’s still not on his knee to sit. If you like it, you should put a ring on it. But Evert speaks, apparently, not Beyoncé’s. “I have a very clear message for him: I would like to marry. I have been waiting for a very long time on that question, and he proposes that but it is not. That’s why I want him in this way make clear.” Jens devises a plan: they are going to Evert ‘a little bit’ jealous. Also Marisa let us surprise because they don’t know how Jens that are going to do. One thing we can tell you: it doesn’t turn out as they expected…

A vox pop should there be clear about are: dubbelparkeren is antisocial. Shairra’s friend Benny is window cleaner and dubbelparkeert during his work, however, as though it were a dear delight. Time to put him on a drastic way to make it clear that this heavy consequences.

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