Intense journey for Wijnand Speelman to Philippines

0a624062fa49f84ca34ff31fffcd7d2e - Intense journey for Wijnand Speelman to Philippines

The coastline of Tacloban, where 5 years ago typhoon Haiyan house loved. Dj Wijnand Speelman was for 3FM Serious Request the Lifeline to travel in the Philippines together with the Red Cross. One of the goals this year is protection against the forces of nature.

The proceeds of the 3FM Serious Request this time not for one but three different charities. The public can in the new design with a purpose to choose and thereby has the choice of: emergency assistance in case of wars and conflicts, administer cpr in the Netherlands, and protection against natural disasters. Wijnand brought together with fellow dj’s Frank van der Lende and Angelique Houtveen these themes in the picture (and sound). Frank went to South Sudan, where for years a civil war going on, and Angelique made in the Netherlands reports on the importance of cpr and AED. Wijnand left turn to the Philippines and saw the devastating effects of a typhoon.

The dj is under the impression of what he in the Asian country saw. “In the news we hear more and more about hurricanes and floods. But that are only the major natural disasters. In the Philippines, the people each and every year with about 20 to 25 tyfonen. It is very impressive to see what that impact will be. I have with different people who all have lost.”


The effects of a typhoon are disastrous, especially for the poor. They are often forced to live in vulnerable areas and do not have the money or the knowledge to protect itself more effectively. “I visited a farmer who last year around christmas his entire crop lost. Everything on his land was by the typhoon swept away. For me that was really a reality check. I saw the direct consequences of climate change.”

Wijnand visited during his journey, also in Tacloban, a town that in 2013 was heavily affected by typhoon Haiyan. There, he spoke with the 29-year-old Jeremy who, together with his daughter had to flee for the floods. “He told me with tears in his eyes, that he on time his house had left. But his father, mother, brother, and sister were by the tidal waves killed. They could not and did not know what they had to do.”

Warning system

Education and prevention are, according to Wijnand therefore very important in the area. The Red Cross is trying the consequences of the natural disasters for these people as much as possible. They do that by planting mangroves, the distribution of climate-resilient seeds and the placement of warning systems. Such a system measures the height of the water level, and alerts via a radio system in danger of flooding. “It is important for them to learn what they need to do if danger threatens. I have countless heard stories of people who thought that they are during a typhoon within could continue.”

Serious Request this year, a new set-up. So there is no ’Glass House’ from which dj’s six days long radio make it without food. Instead, three dj duo under the name Lifeline for a week on foot through the Netherlands. They will be 24 hours per day, action to action and arrive on the day before christmas in TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht.

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