Hope for ’Robin van Persie’

ecf98728737265c8ee5f1ebd56336e64 - Hope for ’Robin van Persie’

Robin van Persie wants to be the good series of his Feyenoord continue against FC Emmen.

The former jeugdinternational know that it is a good performance of the small Emmen only get more respect, when players of the caliber of Van Persie to join in. In the South of Rotterdam will they see today how the captain can possibly make.

“It sounds crazy, but I want him to start. He is for the Dutch football is a very big player, it is nice that it can play football,” says Vendorp enthusiastic about the top scorer of all times of Orange. “I’m still very young and have always used to him looking. Balls to take it away and not let him score, then only, but a larger purpose, which is that competition more beautiful.”

Keziah Veendorp (r) believes in a stunt against Wigan and hopes his idol from the past, Robin van Persie, scoring to hold off.

The 21-year-old defender knows that it will be difficult for Feyenoord to knock. Especially if the Locals their top form to show that they PSV their first defeat of the season lent. “Than it is spicy. They have very good matches behind the back and everyone puts us all at a loss. It would be nice if we have something to drop. If you can even think about a tie, or the zero means, then you are already doing a good job, of course.”

Veendorp has confidence in Emmen can stunt against Feyenoord and maybe play the grass on The Old Meerdijk had a role in. “That artificial turf is perhaps a little thing for them,” laughs Veendorp. “If they are not of artificial grass hold, let them benefit. They miss with Nicolai Jørgensen a good player and we are prepared, so why should we not be able to stunt?”

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