High-speed train derailed in South-Korea: 14 injured

c8e6cec57b1b48446748d0e2e05423f5 - High-speed train derailed in South-Korea: 14 injured

JINBU-MYEON – A high-speed train is Saturday on the way to the South Korean capital Seoul derailed. All ten carriages ontspoorden, but of the approximately two hundred passengers were there but fourteen injured, reported news agency Yonhap.

The accident with the KTX, the Korean version of the TGV, was in the northeast of the country.

Railway company Korail is examining whether the train, the track is walked as a result of the suddenly very cold weather. A happiness in this accident was that the train had just departed from the city of Gangneung and only 100 kilometers per hour drove.

The train, the KTX is the first accident on the new track Gangneung – Seoul. That is at the end of last year opened in the run-up to the Olympic Winter games of Pyeongchang. That in February, near the site of the accident was held.

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