Fuss to Kensington’s ’Song of the year that is two years old

90cf2f40f667a4b04b7be180983cc175 - Fuss to Kensington's ’Song of the year that is two years old

“A song for the first time in september 2016 on the plate appeared (Kensington – Slicer), #Song of the Year 2018. The final collapse of this once-beautiful concept seems to me. The rest of the top 10 is also not the best, thank you @3fm for the hijack”, someone writes on the social medium. Another tweets: “So the Song of the Year, a number of Kensington from 2016? Way to go!”

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Most of Kensington is Song of the Year

Former 3fm dj Domien Verschuuren is also surprised. “Huh?”, he reacts to the news on Twitter. Then he later, in a response to 3voor12 tap: “2016”

Other reactions replaced by the following: “”Song of the Year”, formerly the institute and at the fine gauge of the muziekjaar. In 2018, definitely not more serious to take it,” “Huh. Kensington 3voor12 song of the year 2018?! Here is something not quite right…” and “This is so @3voor12 Song of the year????? Stop there than just them!”

However, there is a few who notice that the number in February 2018 has been released as a single. “Slicer is in February 2018 ,I believe, released as a single , so than true.”

Friday night took Kensington at TivoliVredenburg the prize. The gentlemen seemed a trifle surprised. “Very cool that one Slicer is the Song of the Year found. Quite unexpected and therefore even more enjoyable. We see this award also as a bit of a wider appreciation for the album Control and everything over the past few years have placed as a band”, brought in guitarist Casper Starreveld know.

The audience chose the number, online a top 10 to put together with favorite songs of the past years. Behind Slicer ended Arctic Monkeys (Four Out of Five) in second place and Imagine Dragons (Natural) on place three.

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